ProChile compensates its participation in four international fairs

Participating in international fairs is the opportunity to have direct contact with importers, distributors, wholesalers, and opinion leaders, exposing your brand in front of the thousands of visitors who participate in them worldwide. ProChile is aware of how important it is to encourage the participation of Chilean exporters in this type of event, however, it is also aware of the impact of such participation: CO2 emissions.

That is why during 2012, ProChile offset the emissions associated with its participation in 4 international fairs. These are: European Seafood Exposition (estimated 86 tons), Sial Montreal (estimated 7 tons), London International Wine Fair (estimated 58 tons) and Fancy Food Show (50 tons estimated), all in their 2012 versions.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code:
  • Initiative of: ProChile
  • Neutralization object: Stand
  • Number of tonsCO2:86-7-58-50
  • Vigency date: 2012
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer:
  • Foorprint Verificator:
  • Reduction project: Lircay Hydroelectrical Project
  • Registry: Markit

This means that CO2 emissions were calculated and offset by the purchase of carbon credits, which were generated by the Chilean Lircay hydroelectric project. The withdrawal of bonds from the international registries was done by SCX, Santiago Climate Exchange.


ID Code: 010-CL1504541