Colbún certifies CO2 Neutral of its corporate offices

For the third consecutive year, Colbún has neutralized the greenhouse gases emissions associated with the operation of their corporate offices during 2013.

To Colbún Climate Change has been an important aspect for more than a decade. Thus, performs and participates in various initiatives, which include: i) the registration of four run-of-river plants in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) (Chacabuquito, Hornitos, Quilleco y San Clemente); ii) the issuing of voluntary carbon credits associated with the pre-CDM operation of these plants; iii) reducing emissions by approximately 400 tons of CO2e/year; and iv) its participation in several national initiatives that have mitigation and adaptation to climate change as their main lines of action, such as the UC Center for Global Change and the Center for Corporate Leaders on Climate Change (CLG Chile).

Initiative details

  • SCX Code:0042-E2002A26
  • Initiative of: Colbún
  • Neutralization object: Corporative Offices
  • Number of tons CO2: 2.044
  • Vigency date: 07- 31-2015
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Colbún
  • Foorprint Verificator: E&Y
  • Reduction project: Hornitos Project
  • Registry: Markit

Colbún, with the aim of contributing to sustainable development of the industry and know the real enviromental impacts of this operations, quantifies its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emission (GHG) annually, through the inventory of GHG emissions generated by its thermal and hydro power plants, including also its corporate offices located in Santiago.

The inventory metholody used correspond to the GHG Protocol, an international standard widely usedby companies in diferrent productive sectors. The Results obtained are reported every year internationally through CDP(former Carbon Disclosure Project). By 2013, GHG emissions from the offices operation reasched 2.044 tonsCO2, fugure tjat was externally verifies by EY auditors company.

The offsetting was made by carbon credits generatced by Hornitos Project, whose reductions were certifies under VCS | Verified Carbon Standard, obtaining the SCX CO2 Neutral Certification for the third consecutive year.




Código: 0042-E2002A26