COLBÚN is a member of NEUTAVEL program

Colbún is part of the founding members of NEUTRAVEL, the first program in Latin America neutralization of carbon footprint corporate travels. This program, driven by SCX and Latam Airlines, allows companies to neutralize the impact of CO2 emissions associated with their air travel business through the purchase of carbon credits in an amount equivalent to the tons of CO2 emitted by performing their corporate flights.

Colbún is one of the leading power generating companies in the country. With operations in Chile and Peru, its energy supply includes hydro, thermal, eolic and solar projects in development. During 2015 about half of its energy came from renewable sources, mainly hydroelectric generation. Through its own projects and long-term agreements with third parties, it has promoted the development of about 350 MW in projects of solar and wind energy.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code:0057-E2002A401
  • Initiative of: Colbún
  • Neutralization object: Neutravel
  • Number of tons CO2: 676
  • Vigency date: 31-12-2015
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Colbún
  • Foorprint Verificator: Ernst and Young
  • Reduction project: Hornitos Project
  • Registry: Markit

Colbun has 15 years of commitment to climate change, and to date is the main actor in Chile reducing CO2 emissions through hydroelectric projects. During 2015, Colbún has certified more than 2.9 million carbon credits under strict standards; it is recognized within the three best companies prepared to address climate change; It has a strong corporate footprint; It is located within 8 best companies in Latin America level reportability the CDP; and its corporate offices and conducting events are certified as carbon neutral.

By 2015, Colbún has decided to neutralize their emissions of corporate flights with carbon credits from the Hornitos project, which is within the outstanding projects in the region through the promotion of programs for biodiversity conservation and community development, being also a source of renewable energy for the region of Valparaiso.

Estimated emissions associated with corporate flight 2015 Colbún is 676 tons of CO2e, and the result was reconciled with emissions of air travel actually incurred in the year. As part of the process, emissions were verified by an independent third party, in this case E&Y, and with this result SCX will publish and neutralize the carbon footprint of corporate travel.


Código ID: 0057-E2002A401