Colbun, Corporate offices CO2 Neutral

For the sixth consecutive year, Colbún has neutralized Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with the operation of its corporate offices during 2016.

The emissions of the neutralized corporate offices correspond mainly to the consumption of electric energy and fuel, personnel transfers, business trips and disposal of waste. The emissions inventory is made under the GHG Protocol methodology and is verified by an independent third party, EY Chile, thus obtaining the SCX International CO2 Neutral Certification.

With more than 15 years of commitment to climate change, Colbún has defined in its corporate strategy the objective of maintaining the Company’s CO2 emission factor (in its operations in Chile) below the average emission factor of the Central Interconnected System (TonCO2e / MWh),

Initiative details

  • SCX Code: 0072-E2002A55
  • Initiative of: Colbún
  • Neutralization object: Corporative office 2016
  • Number of tonsCO2: 1.418
  • Vigency date: 31-07-2018
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Colbún
  • Foorprint Verificator: E&Y
  • Reduction project: Hornito Proyect
  • Registry: Markit

in addition of developing projects that reduce CO2 emissions under different certification standards. Thus, to date, the Company has five plants and one project registered under the Clean Development Mechanism and the Verified Carbon Standard.

In addition, in order to develop actions that allow a concrete contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint, Colbún has sought to establish alliances with public and private agents, in order to disseminate good practices in this field, mainly neutralizing emissions from sports events, seminars, corporate travel and more recently driving tourist routes with CO2 neutral establishments. This is how the Company has offset the emissions of 101 lodging, restaurants, shops and museums of Lastarria-Bellas Artes, Easter Island, Puerto Varas and Valdivia.


ID Code: 0072-E2002A55

proyecto hornitos