Feria Chile es tuyo, un Evento CO2 Neutral – SERNATUR

For the second consecutive year, the National Tourism Fair will measure and offset their impact

SERNATUR is working hard to contribute to the growth of tourism in Chile, always under a sustainable framework. To this end, since 2010 when the Sustainability Subunit was created – within the Environment and Land Planning Unit (Office of Studies) – several initiatives have been developed in order to advance in that line. One of them was the decision to measure and mitigate the impact of one of the most important promotional events, which is the National Tourism Fair – Chile is YOURS. Although this event promote meanly sustainable tourism development, the production of an event of such magnitude involves a great level of carbon emissions.

That is why SERNATUR has decided to offset the event’s carbon emissions and to certify the process with SCX, for the second consecutive year. Carbon credits that will be used come from effective emission reductions that have been certified by international parties. Once completed the certification process, the credits will be removed from international registry and associated with this initiative.

Detalles de la iniciativa

  • Código SCX:0032-E1604A14
  • Iniciativa de: SERNATUR
  • Objeto de neutralización: Evento
  • Número de tonsCO2:300 estimadas
  • Fecha de vigencia: 20-10-2013
  • Medidor de la huella:POCH Ambiental
  • Verificador de la huella: Deloitte
  • Proyecto de Reducción: Proyecto BAESA
  • Registro: Markit

In addition to this initiative, SERNATUR has developed a series of good practice Manuals called “Chile for Sustainable Tourism”, which delivers specific advice and success stories for tourism stakeholders in Chile: touristic areas, accommodations, tour operators, municipalities, food services, conferences, exhibitions and events, among others; and soon it will be published the last manual of this series: “Transport Services”

Likewise, it has formed the “National Tourism Sustainability Board”, which aims to promote sustainable tourism development in Chile coordinating strategic lines of action, based on state policies in the field. The boards are composed of public and private entities: The Secretariat of tourism, The Secretariat of Environment, The national council of Culture and arts, The INNOVA Chile committee of CORFO, the Chilean Federation of tourism – FEDETUR, and the vincular Center of Catholic University of Valparaiso. Moreover, in May of this year, the “Sustainable Tourism Distinction” system was launched where the first sic tourist accommodation services in Chile were awarded.

All these actions, in addition to the efforts to design a system for sustainable destinations distinction, show how Chile is becoming a world reference in terms of sustainable truism development



Código ID: 0032-E1604A14