Fair “Chile is Yours” SERNATUR, is Carbon Neutral

The 1st National Tourism Fair Carbon Neutral.

Between November 22 and 25, 2012, at Parque Padre Hurtado commune of La Reina, was held the first National Tourism Fair. This instance of tourism promotion is the most important for Chile, announcing tourism in the 15 regions.

As part of its sustainability strategy, SERNATUR defined the Fair, in conjunction with other mitigation measures would be carbon-neutral, offsetting emissions that cannot be avoided.

The Fair was a meeting between the Chileans and the tourism industry, promoting private participation and marketing of tourism products and services.

Chile is YOURS Fair was an event without precedent since Chile was presented in a format never seen before. Visitors could enter each region, meet its attractions, routes and destinations in spaces set with striking scenery, learn about their traditions and taste typical products.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code: 022-CL1604010
  • Initiative of: Sernatur
  • Neutralization object: Event
  • Number of tons CO2: 219
  • Vigency date: 11-25-2012
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer:
  • Foorprint Verificator:
  • Reduction project:
  • Registry: Markit

Also participating major tourism and travel companies, providing information and discounts for all Chileans can plan their vacation, giving life thereby to the largest tourism fair in the country.

Código ID: 002-CL1604010