Inmobiliaria Las Salinas neutralize their carbon emisions

Inmobiliaria Las Salinas is an urban development initiative that seeks to promote the construction of the first “Sustainable neighborhood of Chile”.

Inmobiliaria Las Salinas was established with the aim of focusing on a unique society, the grounds of the old floor Las Salinas, the cloth of 17 hectares located in the coastal edge of Viña del Mar, promote a real estate and commercial project.

Born as a project in 2013, is now on the way to become a new neighborhood of Viña del Mar, has made a commitment to the city, its authorities and the community, in order to promote the cloth harmonious development that appraise the sector and promote tourism in the area, always with respect for the environment, with many public spaces and park areas, and modern roads, transforming a space that intelligently contribute to the development of the city, not only in terms economic, but also in quality of life, urban integration and strengthening of tourism and other services.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code:0064-E1704A47
  • Initiative of: Inmobiliaria Las Salinas
  • Neutralization object: Operation
  • Number of tons CO2: 48
  • Vigency date: until 04-30-2016
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Proyectae
  • Foorprint Verificator: Deloitte
  • Reduction project: Lircay hidroelectrical central power Project
  • Registry: Markit

Inmobiliaria Las Salinas, has taken its initial commitment to the environment, wanting to offset emissions from its operations by 2014, so that´s why they decided to measure its carbon footprint, and offset through investment in carbon credits of the CO<sub>2</sub> has generated in its operation.

For this offset, the carbon credits are from Lircay Project in the V region, and once verified its footprint measurement, it will be neutralized under SCX standard.






Código ID: 0064-E1704A47