Launch of NEUTRAVEL Program is CO2 Neutral

LATAM Airlines Group and SCX came together to launch NEUTRAVEL Program in Chile

On Tuesday January 13th, LATAM Airlines Group, the leading airline group in Latin America, and SCX, the first private climate exchange in the southern hemisphere, launch NEUTRAVEL in Chile, the first program in the region destinated to offset CO2 emissions from corporate flights.

NEUTRAVEL is a program that will be gradually implemented in the countries of the region, joining companies concerned about reducing the impact of its activities on climate change, through the measurement, verification and offset of the carbon footprint of their corporate flights.

The measurement of the carbon footprint of the event will be conducted by ProyectaE, while the verification will be conducted by Deloitte, as independent third party. The resulting amount of carbon emissions will be offset and removed from the international registry by SCX.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code:0067-E1704A50
  • Initiative of: LATAM Airlines group and SCX
  • Neutralization object: Event
  • Number of tons CO2: 1
  • Vigency date: 01-13-2015
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Proyectae
  • Foorprint Verificator: Deloitte
  • Reduction project: Hidroelectrical central power Foz do Chapecó
  • Registry: Markit

Neutravel wasdesignes based on tje higheststandards and accounting method for greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reductions and it is in line with IATA recommendations. Ot is simple, flexible and quick to implement for participating organizations.

Three aus pillars of this program:

  • First, the introduction of a responsible policy that bringd the posibility to perfer, inder equal conditions, airlines with lower levels of CO2 emissions. In that regards, LATAM airlines has mafe an effort to modernize its fleets, reducing its carbon footpront by 15% compared with the industry average.
  • Second, the implementation of internationals standards for estimating, offsettingd and certifing the CO2 neutrality of flights.
  • Finally, one of the main pilars of this project is to offer “iconic” projects of convservation and renewable energy development in south America.

How to be part of neutravel Neutravel is open to public and private organizations seeking to make a positive contribution to the enviroment through the offset of CO2 emissions from their corporate flights. To be part of this initiative, interested organizations can contact [email protected]



Código ID:0047-E1704A18