“Sistema Marco Pro Construcción Sustentable” launch event

The past November 30, Sustainable Construction Instruments were announced, including the “Marco Pro Construction Sustainable System” led by SCX | Bolsa de Clima de Santiago, in conjunction with the Corporación de Desarrollo Teconológico (CDT) of the Camara Chilena de la Construcción (CChC).

The event was held at the “Museum of Visual Arts” and was attended by the Minister of  Vivienda y urbanismo, Paulina Saball; The Executive Vice President of Corfo, Eduardo Bitrán, and the President of the Corporación de Desarrollo Tecnológico (CDT) of the Camara Chilena de la Construcción, Carlos Zeppelin, for the presentation of 3 sustainable construction instruments, “Sustainable Construction Standards for Housing” , The “Manual of Sustainable Urban Elements” and the “Methodology of the Framework System for Sustainable Construction”, which generate sustainable standards for housing and urban elements in Chile and access to its benefits.

The Sustainable Construction Framework System is part of the public goods project financed under the Strategic Sustainable Building Program of Innova Corfo and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development acting as the constituents. The platform will serve to inform and communicate about different attributes of sustainability that a home can have evaluated in the areas of health and welfare, energy, water, materials and waste, immediate environment and environmental impact, delivering a rating of those attributes.