Piloto Programa Nacional de Gestión del Carbono

The PGCARBONO meeting offets its impact.

The Ministry of Environment has identified that the link and partnership between public and private sector are key when it comes to look for cost effective alternatives for greenhouse gas mitigation in the country. That is why the Climate Change Office is responsible for the design, implementation and administration of the Carbon Management National Program (PGCARBONO) in order to support and encourage volunteer management and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions at a corporate level, whether in the public and/or private sector. The Office provides appropriate tools for calculating the corporate carbon footprint, standardized formats for reporting, assistance in designing mitigation plans and ongoing monitoring.

On November 7th, the launch of the Carbon Management National Programme was conducted with the aim of spreading the initiave to organizations (especially privates) that currently report their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) or are addressing somehow the topic of climate change.

Detalles de la iniciativa

  • Código SCX:0034-E1604A16
  • Iniciativa de: Oficina de Cambio Climático del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Chile
  • Objeto de neutralización: Evento
  • Número de tonsCO2:1
  • Fecha de vigencia: 07-11-2013
  • Medidor de la huella: POCH Ambiental
  • Verificador de la huella: Deloitte
  • Proyecto de Reducción: Proyecto BAESA
  • Registro: Markit


In this opportunity, carbon emissions associated with the lauch of the Carbon Management National Program, were offset through the SCX process. This process comprises the steps of measuring the carbon footprint, wihch this time will be condcted by POCH Ambiental; an independen third partu verification – Deloitte; and tje emissions offsetting through carbon credits coming from effective reductions that hace been certified by international organizations. Once the process is completed, these credits will be removed from international registration by SCX, and will be assigned to this offsetting initiative.

The main objetive of the worshop was encourage attendees to participate in the pilot progam and also in the feedback insrance defined to recive comments and concerns from variou sectors and stakeholders. The workshop was attended by groups of companies that hace identified the risk and opportunities of clima change and are taking a proactive approach to the issue, giving a view of the cost and benefit of incorporating this variable in buisness management.

On the other hand, conceptual develompent of the Carbon Management National Program was pretended to attendees, along with objetives, international experience, technical and methodological basis; and in particular, the program progress, the next stages and the web plataform that has been developed to concentrate emission reports.

Código ID: 0034-E1604A16