Colbún has neutralized CO2 emissions of their corporate offices.

Colbun has a vision of being a leading company in the generation and sale of secure, competitive and sustainable energy. Colbún in the area of sustainability is not a business area, because “Sustainability” it is business.

The goal in Colbun is to create long-term value, generating secure, competitive and sustainable energy. This view is framed within the concepts of “growth” and “Performance”, which it is not possible to add value if it is not shared with all stakeholders: with workers, providing quality employment; with investors, adding value to the enterprise; respecting the environment, so as to meet present needs without compromising the opportunities of future generations; communities and society, generating confidence and development opportunities localities where Colbun is present; with customers and suppliers, seeking a collaborative relationship and sharing information; and with contractors and suppliers, exchanging good practices.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code:0070-E2002A53
  • Initiative of: Colbún
  • Neutralization object: Corporative office 2015
  • Number of tonsCO2: 1.956
  • Vigency date: 31-07-2017
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Colbún
  • Foorprint Verificator: E&Y
  • Reduction project: Proyecto Hornitos
  • Registry: Markit

In turn, the force that moves Colbun is the “Excellence” in the “Management of People, the” Socio-Environmental Management “and” Operational Management “. In the field Socio-Environmental, on Climate Change has been of great concern and relevance.

That is why it has undertaken several initiatives over the past 15 years between these; four hydroelectric plants are registered under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Central Mine currently is the first hydroelectric found by measuring its CO2 emissions from its construction phase before that is certified by VCS. At the same time Colbún seeks to create a balanced mix of generation, which means having a significant component of renewable energy (hydroelectric and URE) with an effective thermal input in order to maintain a factor CO2 emission below average SIC, among others are some of the initiatives Colbún on mitigation of climate change.

It is why in its commitments to the environment, for the fifth consecutive year they have decided to neutralize emissions from their corporate offices. For this year, it has decided to use carbon credits from the Hydroelectric Hornitos Project located in Aconcagua, Valparaiso Region. As part of the process, the measurement has been performed under the GHG Protocol methodology and this has been verified by an independent third party, in this case E & Y, neutralized a total of 1,956 tons CO2e.


ID Code: 0070-E2002A53