Restoration and reforestation in Cáceres, Colombia

Project Detail

  • País: Cáceres and Cravo Norte, Colombia
  • Categoría: Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use (AFOLU)

Restoration of degraded areas and reforestation in Cáceres and Cravo Norte, Colombia

This project involves the capture of CO<sub>2</sub> through reforestation and restoration of a total of 11,000 hectares in the towns of Cáceres and Cravo Norte, Colombia. These areas have been heavily affected by illegal practices of gold mining and intensive grazing in the region, reducing the carbon content and soil quality.

Reforestation is made with more than 25 native species, following a model that allows natural regeneration and micro-climates creation that favor the development of native flora. With this type of reforestation, it is estimated a catch of 80,000 tonnes of CO<sub>2</sub> annually.

In terms of its contribution to sustainable development, Cáceres and Cravo Norte project will improve socio-economic conditions of the region through the creation of new local jobs. Moreover, it contributes to the conservation of species and local ecosystems due to the establishment of natural forest plantations, which together provides timber legally and sustainably produced to local and international markets.

The project was validated under Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB), which is currently the strictest standard for afforestation. This represents exceptional biodiversity benefits, and integration of local people to the project.