The CIKEL Amazon REDD Project

Project Detail

  • País: State of Pará, Brazil
  • Categoría: Forest Conservation(REDD - APD)

The CIKEL Amazon REDD Project

The CIKEL project is located in the municipality of Paragominas, in the state of Pará, in northern Brazil, and is developed by Forest CKVB. The project’s main objective is to avoid CO2 emissiones associated with deforestation plans in the region.

In the beginning, CKVB was a company dedicated to the marketing of wood products. However, due to economic difficulties in 2005 and 2006, the company had to change its field. Its alternative was livestock, for which the company began plans to legally convert 20% of its forest area in cattle pastures. However, given the financial incentives from the reduction of CO2 and the sale of carbon credits, the company canceled plans for forest conversion, and continued with their activities of biodiversity conservation and limited forestry activities (under FSC certification).

The project boundary encompasses a total area of 27,434.9 ha of native forest and its implementation is estimated to prevent the emission of 9,432,299 tonnes of CO2, which would have been emitted to the atmosphere in a period of 10 years without the project.

In addition, the project intensified its support practices to sustainable development in the town, and improved monitoring of biodiversity in the region, taking into consideration that several species are to some degree threatened or endangered. Thus, species such as the “capuchino” monkey Kaapori, the brazilian giant otter and the golden parakeet remain protected and preserved today due to project activities.