“The Value of Forests: Marketing and Carbon Credits” Seminar

TNC and SCX come together to show successful initiatives of carbon market

The “Value of Forests: Beyond the Carbon Credits” seminar was held on April 15, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Santiago. It was jointly organized by The Nature Conservancy and SCX | Santiago Climate Exchange and sponsored by the National Association of Advertisers (ANDA) and Capital magazine.

The aim was to convene national and international speakers that show how their sustainability strategies with carbon can become a successful tool in order to address and expand their markets.

Through this initiative, TNC and SCX sought to encourage the creation of a market for carbon credits in order to mitigate climate change, which requires companies to communicate effectively to its final public the contribution they are making to save the planet. In short: how to add value to the brand by committing to offset the carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credits.

Initiative details

  • SCX Code: 0045-E3804A29
  • Initiative of: TNC and SCX
  • Neutralization object: Event
  • Number of tons CO2: 8
  • Vigency date: 04-15-2014
  • Carbon footprint Mesurer: Poch Ambiental
  • Foorprint Verificator: Deloitte
  • Reduction project: Valdivian Costal Reserve
  • Registry: Markit

However, a successful sustainability strategy implies a proper communication which means communicating adequately to its audience the virtues of the carbon footprint offset. That is why the seminar included an exhibition of Aldo Cerda, Commercial and Corporate Affairs Manager in SCX, on good practices in carbon footprint communication.

The event was attended by approximately 100 people from various industries, whose impact was offset under the SCX CO2 Neutral Standard using carbon credits generated by the TNC project. The carbon footprint was measured by Poch Ambiental, based on the GHG Protocol, and verified by Deloitte as an independent third party.



Codigo ID: 0045-E3804A29