Workshop “Design of System for Adaptation to Climate Change”

This past Monday, October 5, was carried out the consultation workshop of the first version of the protocol of the “Design Certification System Attributes for Adaptation to Climate Change for Forest Ecosystems Chileans” (SCACC), Campus Isla Teja, the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia. At this meeting a forum for dialogue and feedback protocol development, on the approach of the contents, as the dimensions considered, as well as the criteria, indicators and verifiers.

Under the National Strategy on Climate Change and Plant Resources (ENCCRV), led by CONAF, various initiatives have been developed that consider adaptation as one of its central themes, with a focus on maximizing the environmental services provided by ecosystems forest. One of these initiatives related to adaptation, is being developed by the consortium of SCX | Santiago Climate Exchange, the Foundation Center of Native Forests equipment | FORECOS, Gain specialists, Winrock International and cQuest Capital. This tool aims to support the development of future CONAF forest policy based on a system of payments for environmental services, and in this case corresponds to a payment of activities that reduce social and environmental vulnerability to climate change in basins or sub-basins the country.

This consultation workshop where various public-private stakeholders gathered to present the results of the development of a first draft of the Climate Adaptation Protocol and where attendees, through a structured participatory methodology, could make suggestions, comments and counter proposals. The results of this workshop are under development and will be exposed soon.