Terrunyo de Concha y Toro, a CO2Neutral wine

The wine that is holding in your hand obtained CO2 Neutral Certification. This means that the carbon footprint associated with the production process to the point of sale, have been offset in full.

To become CO2 Neutral, the product must meet the most comprehensive set of international requirements which allows to obtain the license for use the SCX mark that links this attribute with consumers and relevant stakeholders.

Each product or service that has the SCX | CO2 Neutral mark has a unique ID that enables traceability verification of the complete process and identify the greenhouse gas reduction project with which its carbon footprint was offset.

Detalles de la iniciativa

  • Código SCX:0031-E0102A13
  • Iniciativa de: SCX.
  • Objeto de neutralización: Producto
  • Número de tonsCO2: 1
  • Fecha de vigencia: 2013
  • Medidor de la huella: Viña Concha y Toro S.A.
  • Verificador de la huella: Earnst & Young
  • Proyecto de Reducción: Proyecto Lircay
  • Registro: Markit

In this case, we have selected a project in Chile which is located in the VII region and generates clean energy from the water flow of Maule Channel. The special geography of this area, with a significant high difference among the Andes and the sea, provides the opportunity to install run of river mini-power plants that provide clean energy to the central grid, displacing energy from fossil sources.






Código ID: 0031-E0102A13