Facing the

Climate Change

It requires the effort and collaboration of everyone, reason why we promote the development of alliances and the continuous search for new paths in face this challenge.

We assist with the reduction of

carbon emissions

It is an imminent duty, and at SCX we give support by developing climate solutions, building strategies and consistent long-term paths to turn the climate challenge into a source of competitive and ongoing advantage.


I-REC International
Renewable Energy

We are the Local Issuer for Chile of the I-REC International Standard.

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CO2 Neutral

We certify your initiatives to achieve your Sustainability Strategy.

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and Trading

We give support in the design, development and commercialization of GHG emission reduction projects.

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We develop and implement climate solutions based on the strictest criteria and methodologies for GHG emission reduction accounting to confront the climate change.
29 de November de 2022

EREDE 2022

EREDE 2022, RECALCULATING: A call to look for new routes that allow us to look at the future with optimism and a sense of reality. EREDE this year, invites you…
24 de November de 2022

Banco Falabella neutralizes greenhouse gas emissions

Banco Falabella neutralises the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, scope 1, 2 and 3 associated with its 2021 operation, both in corporate offices and in its more than 100 branches, after…
16 de November de 2022

One third of companies in Chile do not report their carbon footprint

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